Hello! My name is Pixie and I'm a passionate, self-taught craftswoman and digital artist (to simplify, a general artisan). I do tend to make NSFW (18+) posts so please be weary of young folk when you're browsing the blog.

I'm currently trying to pry my head into a Voice Acting career so if you have any requests make sure you hit me up via Skype or Tumblr (see in the second description below if you're not on mobile). . . . Thank you!

Things this blog usually contains:

★Health related posts


★Slime girls

★Work that I have done


★My woeful life story ;)

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Skype: kitteh..x..
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Youtube#2: /OutlandishGaming
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You can order through my fiverr or make a personal request via PM and we will process that through paypal.